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How you can help

Contribution in buying medicines for a pediatric ward

Medicines and consumable items are necessary resources to ensure an adequate health care to young patients, but their supply is becoming more and more difficult due to the rising costs of goods.


Outpatient treatment for a child suffering from severe acute malnutrition

Support a child suffering from severe acute malnutrition in the hard-to-overcome daily challenge of maintaining stable their fragile health conditions. Ensure one month of treatment in a clinic where qualified staff can take care of the child, until the overcoming of the acute phase.


Fuel purchase contribution for ambulances at the service of mothers

The price of fuel for ambulances has increased and more and more often we are unable to ensure African mothers a safe delivery .Due to the lack of referral system, they are forced to walk many kilometers to reach the nearest health facility. Too many mothers do not receive qualified health care. They do not arrive on time at the hospital, dying while giving birth.


Contribution of the monthly salary for a local doctor

The global economic crisis has exacerbated the situation in Africa. Hospitals have only few resources available to provide qualified health services and to pay the salaries of health workers. Help us ensure free life-saving care to patients who need it most.


if you would like, you can customize your donation by selecting the activities to which you would like to contribute.

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